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just john green being the light of my life as usual

Question: “Is it wrong to do gay stuff, like just kissing?”

John Green: "Aww man… your question makes me so sad. No, of course it’s not wrong! If you want to kiss someone and they want to kiss you back, that is awesome! And don’t let anyone tell you you should be ashamed about that. People are so ashamed about their sexuality, but you shouldn’t be. It’s great!"

John Green, one of the most flawless beings of all time <3

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The party don’t start till I walk in - fandom style

um I think we are forgetting the best one:


walk up in the club like what up im worshipped by a million teenaged girls with blogs

Sorry, party is over.

this is the post amazing thing i have seen on my dash today

I’ve always taken it for granted that Aragorn’s entrance will never be beaten. Ever. But the Doctor’s comes pretty close.

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Nerd!Dean & Punk!Cas

Well, actually I had no idea of what I was doing, I was just trying something… “different”. I’m not the biggest fan of AUs and I didn’t read any fanfic of this (If you know any good fanfic let me know ^-^) but I see that a lot of people like this AU, I don’t know why :I (Dean looks more like a teacher tho…)

Anyways it was fun to do, a nice challenge/experiment (˘˘)

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